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Meditate : Buddhist Meditation


There is still comparatively little known about the mind, its functions and its powers, and it is difficult for most people to distinguish between self-hypnosis, the development of mediumistic states, and the real process of mental clarification and direct perception which is the object of how to meditate using Buddhist mental concentration. The fact that mystics of every religion have induced on themselves states wherein they see visions and hear voices that are in accordance with their own religious beliefs indicates that their meditation has resulted only in bringing to the surface of the mind and objectifying the concepts already embedded in the deepest strata of their subconscious minds.

Meditate beyond visions

The Hindu who has conversed with Bhagavan Krishna may be quite satisfied that he has fulfilled the purpose of his religious life, but the Buddhist who sees a vision of the Buddha knows by that very fact that he has only succeeded in objectifying a concept in his own mind, for the Buddha after his Parinibbana is, in his own words, no longer visible to gods or men.

There is an essential difference, then, between Buddhist meditation and concentration and that practiced in other systems. The Buddhist embarking on a course of how to meditate does well to recognize this difference and to establish in his own conscious mind a clear idea of what it is he is trying to do.

How to meditate with a purpose

The purpose of learning to meditate with a Buddhist meditation, is to gain more than an intellectual understanding of this truth, to liberate ourselves from the delusion and thereby put an end to both ignorance and craving. If the meditation does not produce results tending to this consummation -- results which are observable in the character and the whole attitude to life -- it is clear that there is something wrong either with the system or with the method of employing it. It is not enough to see lights, to have visions or to experience ecstasy. These phenomena are too common to be impressive to the Buddhist who really understands the purpose of Buddhist meditation.


Devices in Meditation

Anapana Sati

Samatha Bhavana

Vipassana Bhavana

Metta Bhavana

All the contents in this section are taken from Buddhist Meditation by Francis Story published by Buddhist Publication Society, Sri Lanka, 1986.

Let peaceful thoughts flow into your mind like streams flows into the ocean

Be as bright as the sun and as calm as the moon, your light will reduce the dark clouds of stress


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