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Home > Buddhist Meditation > What Are Chakras

Western Techniques

What Are Chakras

There are energy centers in our bodies. These energy centers are Chakras. They are the ones responsible for processing our spiritual energy. It also entails the idea of auras. Aura highly provide one the knowledge of one's spiritual well-being by being able to show certain colors sprouting from one's body. With this, one is tasked to cultivate the spiritual energy existing in him/her by keeping our energy centers cleansed. Spiritual energies enter through these vortexes and leave in our front body.

With this in hand, you must know the following steps to fully cleanse your chakra. This will help you gather more spiritual energy and live a healthy well-being mentally and physically.

  • Meditate. Let your eyes relax by closing them. Know your breathing status by breathing slowly, focusing on the pattern. Breathe for a couple of minutes. Breathe in the air and concentrate while the air is currently filling in your lungs.
  • When you are already in the right state of mind, you may be able to see a light coming from above. This white light serves as the cleanser for your body. It releases the stresses and tensions found in your spiritual energy. It eliminates such energies and restores it with new and positive one. One should know that encountering negative energy is inevitable. Thus, constant cleansing of the chakras is a must.
  • A chakra point in your body is found at the bottom of your spine. It rotates and can be regarded as the main chakra point. This point allows you to be able to stay normally and peacefully on earth. From here, you must be able to fill a rotating motion during its cleansing. You may fully appreciate the effect of cleansing when this happens. It is like setting you free from the negative bars of negative spiritual energy.
  • Another chakra point that you may encounter is located at the bottom of your belly button. This chakra point allows you to have a healthy sex life. It also lets you experience your femininity or masculinity. From here, you may also feel something spinning. This allows you to notice the prowess of the cleansing power and eliminate the stressing moments you feel in your sexuality.
  • The next chakra point is found in your chest area. It is located just at the part where your rib cage sits. It will surely spin through the cleansing process. This chakra point may provide you a strong heart in facing challenges that lets you utilize your decision making capability.
  • A chakra point may also be found right in the middle of your chest potion. During cleansing, you may also experience a spinning motion in this area. This chakra point is responsible of handling your emotions. You may be able to utilize a clean chakra point in clearing up your emotions and thoughts for you to continue in life harmoniously.
  • You third eye is the next chakra point. This is found just at the middle of your eyebrows. A spinning motion may be experienced in this part during the cleansing process. This chakra point involves interacting with supernatural phenomena and the higher being.

Let peaceful thoughts flow into your mind like streams flows into the ocean

Be as bright as the sun and as calm as the moon, your light will reduce the dark clouds of stress.



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