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Meditate: Raja Yoga


According to Raja Yoga If the mind becomes peaceful there will be peace within and the world which we live in, will become a better place. The aim in our lives should be; to create peace in the mind through the understanding of the self being a soul or a positive energy. The soul is the energy that creates thoughts. With this awareness, the individual can aspire to sustain a flow of positive and peaceful thoughts.

Meditate on your soul: A Raja Yoga meditation

I now withdraw the focus on the world surrounding me ........

I focus my thoughts energy on my mind ....

I the being of peaceful light.........

Thoughts of the outside world diminish as I feel a stress being lifted from my mind.......

I am an eternal spark of life positive energy....

This point of energy is the life force of the body......

In this state of awareness I become pure energy and consciousness........

Thoughts emerging on the screen of my mind are being viewed like watching a movie on a picture screen.....

I allow the negative thoughts to pass without being distracted by them .......

For I am an eternal radiant light being of positive energy filled with love and mercy

Shinning like a sparkling star in the midnight sky.......

I concentrate my mind on this one aspect .

That I am a concentrated spark of light ....

Radiating light. peace and love to the world.......

As my thoughts concentrate I fill with love power ....

I become an image of love and light

I find deep peace within.

It is best to meditate on a daily basis.

Meditating every day will make the mind healthy, positive and prosperous.


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Let peaceful thoughts flow into your mind like streams flows into the ocean

Be as bright as the sun and as calm as the moon, your light will reduce the dark clouds of stress.



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