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Home > Buddhist Meditation > Metta Bhavana Buddhist Meditation: Quest for Loving Kindness

Western Techniques

Metta Bhavana Buddhist Meditation: Quest for Loving Kindness

Metta bhavana Buddhist meditation is also known as loving kindness meditation. This ancient practice has been around for over 2500 years. Loving kindness meditation was taught by no less than Gautama Buddha. The main goal and objective of metta bhavana is to develop and cultivate the mental habit of altruistic and selfless love. The best symbol used for metta meditative practice is the mother with a baby cradled in her arms and lovingly put to sleep.  The symbolism of maternal love cradling her baby to sleep brings about the scene of joyful and comfort because of unselfish caring by another.

The practice of metta bhavana in the Buddhist context is aimed at promoting the welfare or well-being of the person and another. Meditative practice which leads to the mental state that brings about kindness, amity and goodwill is one of the stepping stones in the Path of Purification. Through deep and profound meditation, the person experiences pure state of mind and totally unselfish disposition. With the pure and unselfish state, meditators of the Buddhist practice could experience the boundless benefits of loving kindness as well as others. The results or fruits of metta bhavana are known to linger and stay not only in the present but hereafter.

Cultivation of metta bhavana Buddhist meditation could result to a lot of positivity in a person’s life. The ultimate profit for practitioners includes deep, abundant and intense happiness and peace. With focused and proper practice of loving kindness meditation, it eventually becomes powerful, strong and useful. The output of a loving and kind mental state is considered dynamic and ought to be shared to anybody. Metta meditation is therefore a versatile, flexible, boundless and universal practice with the same dynamic benefits which flow from the meditator to those around him.  Meditating is an act which usually involves the betterment of only the practitioner but with metta bhavana, it allows a person to help and reach out to others to make their own lives better.

A lot of people nowadays turn to meditation as a powerful source of spiritual strength and depth. Metta bhavana meditation is more versatile and flexible because it not only strengthens the soul or spirit. In the modern and more westernized culture, loving kindness meditation is an effective tool to achieve more self-improvement results. Meditation could help practitioners overcome anger because the main goal of loving kindness is opposed to destruction and violent mental states. Metta bhavana is used as a tool to establish healthy relationships with people around you. The loving kindness which starts from oneself is shared to his home, society and the entire world. Metta bhavana is also a great method which could develop insight since the practice is geared towards rapid improvement of focus and concentration.

Metta bhavana Buddhist meditation is a method which is highly recommended for daily observance and practice. People who want to improve and make their personal and social relationships successful ought to delve into and master this spiritual quest for purification.

Let peaceful thoughts flow into your mind like streams flows into the ocean

Be as bright as the sun and as calm as the moon, your light will reduce the dark clouds of stress.



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