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Home > Buddhist Meditation > Exploring the Diverse Devices of Buddhist Meditation

Western Techniques

Exploring the Diverse Devices of Buddhist Meditation

Buddhism employs innumerable methods and approaches especially in deepening the spiritual idealism and experiences of its followers. The Buddha is also believed to have previous knowledge of the disciple’s birth thus giving him the insight on what tools or device to use. It is valid to say that there are various devices of Buddhist meditation used by practitioners then and now. Nowadays, the tools and devices used in Buddhist meditative discourse are even more diversified. The devices for meditation are made personalized or customized to specifically cater to the needs and preferences of practitioners of meditation the Buddhist way.

Buddhist meditative techniques are basically created and modified to help a person focus on his meditation. It is given that the mind is definitely unruly and distracted when it comes to concentration and focusing the mind which is vital for meditative practice. Kammattana is a traditional Buddhist method for meditation. In this meditative approach, there are certain devices permissible to utilize to help achieve the ultimate goal of clearing and quieting the mind. The devices used for kammattana include “kasina” which means colour or earth. This is called a device or tool as focal point for concentration and attention. There are other known devices in Buddhism and meditation. It includes trivial things such as a hole found in the wall, a candle flame or metal objects which could be used as attention centres. The devices used are actually found especially in the methods of meditation in the Visuddhi-magga and Pali texts.

The influence of Buddhism is undeniably a great way of not only improving the depth of spiritual connection. It is a contemporary method of relaxation and rejuvenating the mind and spirit. Although it is a vital way of relaxing the mind, it is quite difficult to achieve real focus and concentration. The devices of Buddhist meditation are indeed significant and helpful tools to assist especially beginners and amateurs in the meditative practice the Buddhist way. There are other important and time-tested methods or tools which are used for effective practice of meditation according to Buddhism way of life.

The repetition of Pali formula specifically the renowned qualities of Buddha, is likewise effective. The Buddhist beads are used by authentic and old fashioned Buddhist meditation practitioners. Words or texts are mentioned for each bead with the repetitive fashion. The process starts with the first bead until the practitioner reaches the last bead until which the entire formula is continually recited from start to finish. Not only could the method of repeating the Pali texts and qualities of Buddha could help the mind focus and avoid distractions. It could also have a lifting and deep spiritual effect on the follower of Buddhist meditative practice.

Recalling and mentioning the qualities of Buddha as well as Dhamma and Sangha could bring the mind to a much lofty scale. The noble qualities and texts have a certain meaning in them which could deeply impress to the mind or the pattern of thoughts. The thought-moments of a practitioner subsequently get to a much higher realm and establish a character on a much loftier level.

Let peaceful thoughts flow into your mind like streams flows into the ocean

Be as bright as the sun and as calm as the moon, your light will reduce the dark clouds of stress.



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