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Western Techniques

Kriya Yoga Meditation for Dummies

Kriya yoga meditation is an ancient and time-tested meditative system. The systematic meditative approach is based on ancient and rich traditions. The word “kri” has a Sanskrit origin which means breath and “ya” means spirit or soul. Yoga is a word which means union and derived from its original Sanskrit form “yuj”. Combination of the two words kriya and yoga means union of the breath and soul which is done through inhalation and exhalation. Through thousands of years, kriya yoga has been developed and tested. Practitioners of meditation attest to their achievement of inner silence. Silence is the foundation of self-realization, happiness and authentic peace.

The practice of meditation through kriya yoga principles and tradition is based on or focused on breath. The method is done through continuously taking life force or “prana” to the human body. Believers of the kriya yoga technique of meditation learn that the approach is centred on breath. Breath is synonymous to life. It is believed that when a person is born, the body takes in air or breathes. When the breath eventually leaves the body, death happens. Since kriya yoga is about breath and life, it is considered an integral part of everyday. Everyone inhales new life or breath from the source. It is essential that everyone stays consciously connected to the source of every living thing through breath.

There are six important sections or stages of kriya yoga meditation. The First Kriya is considered the very root or foundation. The fundamental stage of kriya yoga paves the spiritual way for progress of any followers of different religions. In the very first and fundamental stage of meditation through Kriya Yoga, the practitioner is given access of knowledge specifically of the body. It is also important to comprehend the Soul and the chakras or the energy centres located in the spine. Achievement or progressing to the Second Kriya stage requires a practitioner to undergo regular meditation in a given period of time. A degree of mastery of the first meditative level is likewise important to receive a much higher Kriya level. The practitioner reaches the sixth and highest level only when accomplishing mastery and completion of the lower levels.

The ultimate goal of meditation through Kriya Yoga influence is to reach the formless state. Constant observance of the breath when inhaling and exhaling is believed to help the practitioner the ultimate state. One remains in the divine light through regular observance of kriya yoga. The end of meditation is to reach constant nirvana or enlightenment. Those who want to reap the fruits of their meditation could see how rewarding this experience truly is. The other term used for nirvana in Kriya yoga is the liberation in a person’s lifetime.

Kriya yoga meditation is not just a form of relaxing the mind and mental state. Many practitioners believe that religiously following ancient meditative practices could have positive and lasting effects on their lives. Through meditation, you could get rid of all the stress and pressure which may burden you.

Let peaceful thoughts flow into your mind like streams flows into the ocean

Be as bright as the sun and as calm as the moon, your light will reduce the dark clouds of stress.



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