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Western Techniques

Deepening Spirituality through Christian Meditation

Meditation is an ancient practice of quieting the mind. The mental practice of emptying oneself has an eastern influence. Throughout history, meditating has diversified and became a popular and widespread practice. No matter what transformations or evolution meditation has gone through, it will always be associated to religion particularly prayer. Different religious beliefs have been integrating meditation to their philosophies and traditions. In Christian meditation, the practice is aimed to engage the mind, thoughts, imagination, desire and emotions in prayer. Christians also call this practice mental prayer.

Traditional prayers in most religions particularly Christianity have been identified to vocal or oral prayer. Nowadays, every Christian is encouraged and even obliged to practice mental prayer in a daily basis. Christians believe that prayer is an essential necessity of everyday life. Prayer could nurture the faith and is the best way of communicating with God. Oral prayer or recitation is one of the basic types of prayer. Mental prayer or meditation could help Christians convene to God in a much deeper level. There are certain pointers which must be observed and remembered when it comes to learning the fundamentals of meditative practices with the influence of Christianity.

Christian meditation does not basically try to just empty the mind which is the case with non-Christian or eastern meditation. Christians do meditate in order to engage or train the mind in prayer. Christians particularly Catholics use meditative prayer techniques in order to use their mental faculties to know God in a more intense and deeper scale. Christians use mental prayer to learn and understand God’s love to his people and have a much deeper union with Him. Christians believe that using the mind is essential to develop convictions of faith. Meditating could also convert the heart and strengthen a person’s will to follow the teachings of God and of the Church.

Knowing and communing with God through mental or meditative prayer is not the only concern or goal of Christians. Through meditating, you could surrender yourself to the Holy Trinity which is the core of catholic beliefs. Meditation is undoubtedly a very significant and sacred integral part of Christian prayer and practices. There are different ways or methods of meditation to commune with God according to Christian beliefs. There are essential elements which are necessary to start a lifetime practice of meditation in line with Christianity. Meditative practitioners need three components: a quiet and serene place or sanctuary, a small amount of time every day and a Bible.

Consistency is an essential attitude when it comes to meditation the Christian way. You could actually dedicate a short period of your time in prayer and you could get rich and deeper prayer experience. Even for just five to ten minutes, fruitful and deep meditation is achievable. The important thing to remember when meditating is to really engage yourself in prayer. Get rid of all the mental disturbances and temptations. Regular Christian meditation is necessary no matter how short the time dedicated to this mental practice.

Let peaceful thoughts flow into your mind like streams flows into the ocean

Be as bright as the sun and as calm as the moon, your light will reduce the dark clouds of stress.



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