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Home > Christian Meditation> Christian Meditation Versus Other Meditation Forms

Western Techniques

Christian Meditation Versus Other Meditation Forms

Meditation is undoubtedly an essential part of life. In the previous years, mental practice of quieting the mind has been associated with religion. Nowadays, meditation could be non-sectarian or may have nothing to do with religion. There are different types of religious practices which have perennially integrated their philosophies with the practice of meditation including Christianity. Thus, there is a special way of using mental practice with the deep influence of Christian teachings and beliefs. Christian meditation is considered a special and daily type of discursive prayer which all Christians are encouraged to do. Amid different religions today, there are distinct characteristics and practices of Christian prayer of quiet compared to other meditation forms.

In the eastern traditions, meditative practices are done through quieting and emptying the mind and using mantras. In the Christian method of meditation, practitioners use biblical passages to help them in their prayer of quiet. There are also one word mantras which Christians use to focus their minds into including God, Jesus, Love and Faith among others. Scripture passages are also very important to focus the mind and have an in depth meditative Christian practice. Some of the important passages in the bible include The Sermon on the Mount from Matt. 5:7. Other scriptural passages often used for meditation include The Parable of the Sower from Matt.13:1-24, The Magnificat from Luke 1:46-55 and The Proclamation of the Kingdom from Mark 1:14-15.

Christian meditation is quite different from other religious systems such as Hinduism and Buddhism which are popular religions practising meditative prayer. In traditional meditation forms, practitioners seek to empty themselves in order to achieve deep meditation. In Christianity, practitioners basically delve into deep meditative prayer to be filled with God’s wisdom and love. Those who are practising meditative prayer without the influence of Christianity are basically aiming to achieve or keep in touch with their higher self. In Christian mental prayer, meditative prayer is a tool in order to commune with and communicate with God above anything else.

In the quest of emptying oneself, non-Christian practitioners use mantra to get rid of thoughts and finally focus on emptiness. The ultimate goal of non-Christian meditation is to achieve relaxation and peace and get rid of stress through emptying the mind.  For Christians, meditative prayer is not emptying the self but rather filling the heart and mind with the thoughts of God. The main focus of Christian mental prayer is on the Word of God. Christians feel recharged and encouraged because of the promises of God as written in His Holy Scriptures. Peace is an assurance and the rejuvenation of faith which is achieved through deep prayer.

In most meditative practice particularly those in other religious systems, their focus may depend on who they believe in. More often, non-sectarian meditation focuses on the breathing and clearing the mind. For Christians specifically Catholics, the focus is on God or Jesus Christ. Thus, in whatever meditative discourse Christians engage into, there is always the background of the Holy Trinity and the Word of God from the Holy Bible.

Let peaceful thoughts flow into your mind like streams flows into the ocean

Be as bright as the sun and as calm as the moon, your light will reduce the dark clouds of stress.



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